Ignore The Earwig

This tale is all about a urban legend turned real! Written by Bryan A Young Ambient Music by Rebekah Bradley Ray Intro Music by David Tobin & Jeff...View Details


Doctor goes into OR, to save a kids life. But encounters a terrifying medical anomaly, that tests his very sanity. Intro Music: Out Of The Deep by Dav...View Details

This story is about a person who took an experimental drug, and whose brain is now processing 100x faster than a normal brain. Intro Music: Out Of The...View Details


This is a story about a guy getting a well paying job, for just staying a room for 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. Nothing could go wrong, right?   Intro Music: O...View Details


Fuzzy is a story about a mother hearing about her young son, and his imaginary friend, Mr. Fuzzy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this creepy tale.   Intro...View Details

New Theme

Can you guess what this could be?

Welcome back! Been a while since I've read a tale, and this one comes from the archives of r/nosleep. Enjoy this tale by u/manen_lyset   Intro Music: ...View Details

A Little Gift

A little gift, perhaps? Something to get you all happy and giddy? Just follow its instructions and you will be bestowed with unimaginable powers... In...View Details

The Rake

If it speaks your name, you're next. Intro Music: Out Of The Deep by David Tobin & Jeff Meegan Background Ambiance: No Light For Your Soul By Thom...View Details


Do you wish to join an elite, membership-only club? Well look no further, Boothworld Industries is always looking for new members. Of course, as long ...View Details

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