A Little Gift

A little gift, perhaps? Something to get you all happy and giddy? Just follow its instructions and you will be bestowed with unimaginable powers... In...View Details

The Rake

If it speaks your name, you're next. Intro Music: Out Of The Deep by David Tobin & Jeff Meegan Background Ambiance: No Light For Your Soul By Thom...View Details


Do you wish to join an elite, membership-only club? Well look no further, Boothworld Industries is always looking for new members. Of course, as long ...View Details


Bored? Listen to this fine story about boredom and some cool "exploration" Intro Music: Out Of The Deep by David Tobin & Jeff Meegan Background Am...View Details

The Dark Man

A man working a late night emergency center gets a call from a young girl that she and her brother are being watched by a man, veiled in darkness. Wha...View Details


Ever have one of those days where you just kind of stumble through? Not think about anything? Just kind of go into auto mode? This is the story of a g...View Details

Baby Monitors

Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you, or listening? This story is about a young man who used to prank his neighborhood by tapping into th...View Details

Mr. Widemouth

The mind of a young, fever-riddled child can be a interesting place. Especially when one gets lonely, and bed-ridden. This is a story of a young child...View Details

A strange story about a guy who lost his wife, and daughter. One from child birth, the other got hit by a bus. But A guy hands the father a leather bi...View Details

Someone In The House

A rough night out, and a guy wakes up feeling groggy and wondering what happened. Then he starts hearing whispers and finds some strange going-ons in ...View Details

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