A wholesome story about a young, lonely kid who comes across a beautiful girl. The strange thing is, most of the neighborhood kids call her a freak. W...View Details


"You take the pills to keep them away." I'm bringing in the new year with the longest story I've ever read. And boy, is it a doozy. Sit back, relax, a...View Details


Tap...Tap...Tap. Something's under your bed. Could it be a dream? Could it be real. You hear it growing louder and louder. Tap...Tap...Tap. You want t...View Details

This story is a cautionary tale of urban exploration. A young man gets a scholarship to Uni by taking a job as a security guard and finds something lo...View Details

Dear Diary, I just stumbled upon this story about a guy finding another Diary, just like you. I want you all to sit back, relax, and enjoy this creepy...View Details

A Night Out

Happy Halloween! Be sure to be safe while trick-or-treating, and be responsible if you are going to any parties. To be safe, tuck yourself in and list...View Details

One of the first creepypastas I think I ever read. One of my personal favorites :)   I'm not going to give any details about this story, I want you to...View Details

Pokemon Black

Some say it is a just a myth. Me, I'm a fan of myths and legends. Remember kids, don't stumble upon this cursed cartridge of one of the most beloved g...View Details

Jack was a normal guy, until one day a message appeared on his computer screen. That's when he met the Seer, and everything changed. Sit back, relax, ...View Details

Technology can be very scary sometimes. Be warned, there is plenty of swearing in this episode.   Intro Music: Out Of The Deep by David Tobin & Je...View Details

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